Rowdefaulting And Copy Paste In Acumatica Or Copy Paste Mode In Acumatica


Hello everybody,

recently I had the following situation. 

According to business logic, I created RowDefaulting. And it worked great. Then business analyst decided to check copy/paste functionality of Acumatica, and you know what? He discovered that copy/paste is broken. After investigation I discovered that it was due to RowDefaulting event.  For me it meant the following, I need to turn off RowDefaulting after copy/paste. 

After usage of reflector, I noticed interesting property  IsCopyPasteContext in the graph. 

So I modified function RowDefaulting.

private void RowDefaulting(PXGraph graph)


      if( !graph.IsCopyPasteContext )


                    //do some row defaulting logic.




Hope you enjoyed this tip

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