Pxfilteredprocessing In Acumatica

PXFilteredProcessing in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

few day ago I was digging in code of CT502000, and found interesting part of code:

public PXFilteredProcessing<ContractsList, ExpiringContractFilter> Items;

As usually in my code I use PXFilter, and discovery of PXFilteredProcessing was confusting for me. 

The first think that I as usually do, if I see something new, it is watching with reflector in declaration of new type. Here it what reflector shows:

public class PXFilteredProcessing<Table, FilterTable> : PXProcessing<Table> 
where Table: class, IBqlTable, new() where FilterTable: class, IBqlTable, new()

This means, that we can pass into PXFilteredProcessing two tables. T200 manual gives an answer why: Provides data records for processing with filtering. This data type takes two DACs as type parameters, where the second DAC specifies the filter DAC. You can use the

Where<>and OrderBy<>clauses in this data view type. It means, that items in Table will be filtered according to FilterTable. 

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