Purpose Of Some Services In Dynamics Crm


Hello everybody,

today I want to describe web services of Dynamics CRM. If you have access to some instance of Dynamics CRM. 

If you follow the way Settings -> Customizations, and then choose development resources, you'll discover for yourself interesting set of urls, similar to the following:

CRM web services

In this short note I want to describe few of them.

So, let's start with discovery service, which has number 4 at our screenshot.

Discovery service provides following tools:

  1. Information about deployment. If you have multiple servers with different roles, and you need to automate in some way getting information into your tools, then discovery service is exactly what you need.
  2. Connect deployment to specific organization via C#, powershell, CRM SDK
  3. By given user id identify to which organization that user has permissions to access

Organization web service gives you the way to work with CRMs data and services at organization level. If you want to create/delete/modify Contract via api, you'll need to use Organization web service.

Instance Web api sometimes is named as Web Application server. It is as it sounds, something, that gives access to opened instance of Dynamics CRM.

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