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Hello everybody,

today I want to write few words about Task Paralel library, and in particular two methods: Task.Start, and Task.ContinueWith.


System.Threading.Tasks.Task t = new System.Threading.Tasks.Task(
                () => {
                    //some heavy code like intensive calculations, reading from db, etc.
            System.Threading.Tasks.Task t2 = t.ContinueWith(
                (a) => {
                //Code to update UI

Following template has the following structure. You need to split your code in two parts. First one, is code which will be executed for non-Gui. Then the same task will work with GUI context and will be able to update GUI with results from Task t.

Another method which is worth menitioning is


                () =>
                        //this code will be executed immediately

Main difference is that code from factory will be executed immediately

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