Mesos Terminology

Mesos terminology

Hello everybody,

today I want to share few words of my knowledge related to mesos and mesosphere.

Recently I've subscribed myself for making investigation for mesosphere. And quite often I was asked by my project manager what is difference between mesos and mesosphere. For now I've found that mainly difference lies in fact that mesosphere is built on mesos. According to this interview Matt Trifio which is Mesosphere SVP of Marketing says that Mesosphere is built above mesos. I like his analogy, that in the same way as Android is built on Linux, in similar way Mesosphere is built on Mesos. 

Next part which was confusing for me what is Framework? Framework has many meanings. I was surprised to discover that in terms of mesos framework is application. Don't ask me why mesos decided to use such terminology. Maybe because application just starts under guidance of OS, but in mesos application has little bit more consturcting blocks. In mesos Framework = controller + worker. And controller is also called scheduler, and worker is also called executor. 

There are two kinds of schedulers: chronos and marathon. Chronos is intended to execute task according to some schedule. Marathon intended for long running tasks. 

Slaves ( !!! renamed to agents in Mesos 1.o  ) responsibilites:

  1. Execution and management of containers that host executors.
    1. LXC containers
    2. Docker images
  2. Delivering UI for data manipulation inside containers
  3. Informing local executors for communication with Mesos masters
  4. Rule status updates from tasks
  5. Checkpoings of state

Cgroups is shortened version of control groups. 

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