My thoughts after start of first Indiegogo campaign

Here I want to describe how I felt before starting Indiegogo campaign during it's execution and few minutes after starting Indiegogo campaign.

Initially I want to describe road map to this campaign. I was and still is a happy person whose main job is integration of different enterprise systems. I like such kind of activities because it helps to speed up life inside of company of any size. Imagine that with help of software inside of some small company ( 30 people ) can save around 5 minutes of time daily. Then in one month this company can save 22 * 5 * 30 = 3300 minutes or 55 working hours. It means faster delivery of product, or faster producing of product or faster salary receive or whatever else. Such thoughts always give me some inner satisfaction when I need to write code that improves lives.

Then one day I've meet one guy whose wife died around one year before our meeting. I liked his life experience, his life attitude just some sadness in his voice disturbed me. Later I've discovered that his wife died of skin cancer. And you know, why she died? It wasn't because they lived in third world country. It wasn't because they didn't have medical insurance. At that point of life I started to wonder is it possible to make improvement not just for some companies, but for humankind in general. As to say what is value of fast job, if person live shorter amount of years. Later I had visit to Israel and found that in this country cancer skin rate has quite high percentage.

From my University course I knew that for image classification it is good idea to use neural networks. In order to refresh my knowledge on neural networks I've took two courses on Coursera. One from Geoffrey Hinton and other one from Andre Ng on machine learning and got feeling that I can do device that can make such classification task.

Another question mark that I have for now is how to make such product and stay alive. With full time job it is not an easy assignment to accomplish such product with good quality results. While surfing Internet I heard about Kikstarter and Indiegogo. For me both of those platforms become something like scary points. You may wonder why scary points? I'm scared of disappointment. But not disappointment that I can't make such device as described in campaign, but scared that something that I think is needed to others is really perceived as needed by other people. Before publishing this campaign I decided to ask other people, do they consider some device like this as needed to them. And majority of my friends told me that such kind of device is needed. So, I decided to create campaign at Indiegogo. And now I'm worried about is something that I consider as needed will be perceived as needed by other people. With such thoughts I think I know why some people ( similar to me ) never create any company or startup. They can be afraid of disappointment that something that they consider as important is not important for others.

I even started believe that some mathematicians avoid companies of other people in order not to become disappointed. Disappointed of what? Of fact that math is very interesting topic for mathematician, but not for humankind in general, even if it depends from it greatly.

So, if you consider such device as needed, you can support it via following link.

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