Aws Product Categories

AWS Product categories

Hello everybody,

today I want to document few main features of AWS. Below I want to mention AWS Product Categories:

  1. Compute services. Provide you with virtual machines
  2. Storage services. Raw block of content.
  3. Database services. Organized in some way data in organized chunks.
  4. Networking services. Provide with network assets.
  5. Messaging services. Communication between systems.
  6. Content delivery services - cached location for frequently accessed content. 
  7. Deployment and management - allows to pack, secure, monitor AWS apps.

Next goes question, how developer can interact with AWS? As always in two ways: visual tools or through API.

API in turn can be divided into two categories: SOAP/REST/Query or via SDK.

Tools for AWS Developers

  1. Management console - UI at web site
  2. SDK and development centers for Android, iOS, Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby
  3. Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that come pre-loaded with application environments
  4. Community forums
  5. Documentation

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