Create customization to MYOBAdvanced(Acumatica), part 3 сreate customization and publish it

So, continue the work:) 

Part 3 сreate customization and publish it

  1.  Create customization

To create customization for import to MYOBAdvanced (acumatica) I need go to Customization - Customization Project and add new customization (Screenshot 10):

In this example I use design of acumatica ( add screen, add page,  files and scripts) see Screenshot 11.

Also I add sql script that will add new column "UsrBodyWithoutHtml" to table "CRActivity" (Screenshot 12"):

After this click on "Publish"; I see whether validation has passed and there are no errors. If all ok I can close window and click export customization. folder will be downloaded.


          2. Import and test customization

To test the customization I need launch another  the same build version of MYOBAdvanced (acumatica) web site, go to Customization - Customization Project and click "Import" and select my dowloaded folder.

After this click Publish. Open the page AC601000 and make sure everything is working properly and displayed. The same on mobile device. It is done!

Thank you for reading. 



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