How To Increase Display Size Of Items In Sql Server Management Studio


Hello everybody,

today I want to document one interesting feature of SQL Server management studio. Some time it happens, that you work with big XML data files.

For example if you have sql statement like this:

SELECT @xm=(
select rowid, count(rowid) as IdsNumber from SOLine s where s.rowid like 'fdsafewvvcxkfdsla'fslf%'
group by rowid
for xml raw, root)
select @xm

in SQL server management studio and would like to increase size that is workable by SQL server management studio. I found that following value in system registry is very helpful:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\14.0_Config\XmlEditor\MaxFileSizeSupportedByLanguageService

set it's value to 100 and you'll have option to open 100 M xml files

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