Complete Description Of Arguments In Jforex Submitorder


Hello everybody,

here I want to leave fragment of code related to submitOrder:

public void onStart(IContext context) throws JFException {
     IEngine engine = context.getEngine();
     IHistory history = context.getHistory();
     Instrument instrument = Instrument.EURUSD;
     context.setSubscribedInstruments(java.util.Collections.singleton(instrument), true);
     ITick lastTick = history.getLastTick(instrument);
     double price = lastTick.getAsk() + instrument.getPipValue() * 5;
     double sl = lastTick.getAsk() - instrument.getPipValue() * 20;
     double tp = lastTick.getAsk() + instrument.getPipValue() * 10;
     long gtt = lastTick.getTime() + TimeUnit.SECONDS.toMillis(30); //withdraw after 30 secs
     IOrder order = engine.submitOrder("BuyStopOrder", instrument, OrderCommand.BUYSTOP, 0.1, price, 20, sl, tp, gtt, "My comment"); 

For me it was a challenge to find sequence of arguments to pass into submit order related to stop loss, take profit.

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