How To Restore Snapshot Of Acumatica

How to restore snapshot of Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a post on how to restore Acumatica snapshots with help of Acumatica Wizard.

Before creating snapshot you may need to switch Acumatica to maintenance mode. Below are the steps for achieveing it:

1. Go to System --> Management --> Apply Updates, click on the button "Schedule Lockout" and specify the reason for lockout
2. Don't forget to remove the lockout after you'll restore Snapshot.

Steps are the following:

1. Create a snapshot of the tenant you wish to back up

2. Export that snapshot (I recoment  xml format).

3. In the folder where the corresponding Acumatica Wizard is installed (usually c:\program files\Acumatica ERP\), find the folder called  \Database\Data, where there are individual folders with snapshot data.

4. Create a new folder for your new snapshot

5. Extract the contents of the .zip exported snapshot into the new folder you created

6. Run the Acumatica Wizard

7. Choose the "Perform Application Maintenance" option

8. Select the site into which you wish to import this data

9. Choose the "Tenant Maintenance" option or "Company Maintenance":

10. Click on the "Advanced Settings" button at the bottom

12. Click on the "Insert Data" option next to the tenant where the data should be imported and select the new folder/snapshot you added in step #4 above:

13. Proceed through the wizard as normal. When the install process is complete you should have a tenant with restored data.

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