Warning You Are Not In Maintenance Mode


Hello everybody,

today I want to make a post about new security feature of acumatica, which guard you from creating corrupted data. Suppose you are System Administrator and want to make snapshot for being able use it to set settings to new company, which you just created. However, some user might use it too, and this may cause the creation of bad records. For this reason, in latest versions of Acumatica (from 2017 R2), when you try to create snapshot, you'll recieve an warning message: 

Warning message informs, that you should switching the maintenance mode, so do it, as shown below, by click "SCHEDULE LOCKOUT":


Now you able, without any risk, create snapshot:

On the end, don't forget to remove the lockout by click "STOP LOCKOUT":

Using this technique, your Acumatica application will be safe and stable.

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