Acumatica Sequence of Events

Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a picture, which shows sequence of events in Acumatica depending from happening scenario. 

Sometime I'm getting questions from people like this: why after update of record I don't have my FieldDefaulting executed?

Or why deletion of record doesn't trigger my RowUpdated event?

Or why Save doesn't initiate RowInserting event and so on. 

If you take a look on the picture you'll be able to notice that those questions easily addressed. 

That picture shows that during update, you have executed FieldUpdating, FieldVerifying and FieldUpdated executed. But you will not get FieldDefaulting executed, 

because it was executed before in Insert event. 

Below goes image from Acumatica manuals which may be useful:


If next time you'll become puzzled why some or another event wasn't executed, take a look at this picture, maybe it wasn't intended for execution.

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