How To Make Redirects In Acumatica And Popup Warning


Hello everybody,

today I want to write a newer post about how to give an opportunity to user go to some link from Acumatica. As I've mentioned in, redirections are implemented as exception. Let consider next simple code, by which you can implement it:

In your page (in our example this is SO301000) a button will appear:

If user will click to this button, then he'll immediately receive requested data right in main window:

This approach has the disadvantage - the user will lose all unsaved data. So let's change our code to warn the user about it:

  Now, after the user clicks on the "Learn More" button, a popup window will appear on the screen with a warning about the need to save the data:

It mach better. Warning is needed when using "Redirect0:" -"Redirect1:" and the link opens directly in the work window. But it is not necessary when using "Redirect3:" - "Redirect8:", because in this cases unsaved data is not lost, since the link is opened on another page (when to use "Redirect3:" - "Redirect5:") or in a popup (when to use "Redirect7:" and "Redirect8:"):


As we see, in Acumatica it is easy to direct the user to the link he wants.

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