How To Install Mysql Proxy


Hello everybody,

quick post on how to install MySQL proxy. You may be puzzled why it is needed? Because MySQL proxy allows you to track all generated SQL by MySQL. As of now, you can catch generated SQL for SQL server with SQL Server Request Profiler. But in order to achieve it for MySQL, you'll need to use MySQL proxy.

So, first step will be download MySQL proxy archive and unzip it to some folder on your drive. 

Then in command prompt ( not in powershell ) execute something like this:

sc create "Proxy" DisplayName="MySQL Proxy" start="auto" binPath="d:\Install\mysql-proxy-0.8.5-windows-x86-32bit\bin\mysql-proxy-svc.exe"

And then this:

net start proxy

Those two commands will allow you to have MySQL proxy installed. In my future post I will mention how to track all generated SQL. I hope I will figure it out.

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