Pandemic Of Covid 19 No Pandemic Of Selfishness


If you don't like long read, then read next sentence. Essence of the article: If everybody in the world would lock himself at home for 2 weeks, or at let's say for one month, COVID-19 will die. But because of everybody says "I have the most important reason to go outside, or I will die" we see unstopping spread of COVID-19. And pandemic is fed by such people. Again, if you don't like long read, then skip rest of the article.

Congratulations to those who have enough courage to continue reading. Think about it. Quarantine during 2 weeks definitely shows if you have COVID-19 or not. It takes at maximum one month to get medical treatment from COVID-19 if you are sick with something like diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, some stage of cancer, or some other medical factors which increases your chances to die. But that not always the case. My wife knows the guy, which was 30 years old, regularly visited gym, and he died. Again, if everybody would lock himself for one month, then COVID-19 would die. But each and every day I'm seeing yelling of people which say: we are going to die from hunger! Our factories will be closed! Our businesses will be closed! From rejecting COVID-19 completely to something like: those people will die anyway, COVID-19 was invented artificially, COVID-19 was created in laboratory to kill older generation. Afterwards those people make posts in social media of themselves going outside without mask, leaking toilet cover, making anti-COVID-19 party.

From childhood a lot of parents teach their children: selfishness is bad. Unfortunately not all of parents teach it. A lot of parents teach their children: you are the only important person in the universe. Which leads to creation of only-me people. And those people spread COVID-19 more and more. Why? Because they have more important reason to go outside, then life of somebody else.

It is reflected not only in COVID-19. Pretty much other diseases have the same picture. Think about AIDS. Why it is spreading? If to exclude blood transfusion, it spreads because there are those, who have important reason to transmit it further. Those people don't think or don't want to think about life of others after infecting. They have important reasons to spread AIDS further. Similar story happens with tuberculosis. This disease also spreads in pretty much similar way, just mortality rate is not as fast. And again, why it spreads? Germs is just one chain of transportation. Other chain of transportation are people, which have important reason to stop taking pills, and have important reason to go outside!

Egoism is shown on all the levels of human society. Consider the story of China with first doctor which reported about dangerous COVID-19. He was fined for the first time. But why that happened? Because somebody selfishly thought: we have very important reasons not to close the city. Consider Great Britain and this statement: "many more people will lose loved ones to coronavirus". Is it not egoism? What were the reasons of making initial decisions? Pretty much the same, as initially thought China officials: how are we going to lock such and such city? Or what about USA? Pretty much the same reasoning. How I'm going to lock such and such city/state? What is behind such and such statement? Egoism. Think about Spain, France, Italy, Russia, and so on. I can continue this list on and on, but you'll see this pattern again and again: some egoists looks for excuses to go outside, other egoists think for reasons to permit them to go outside and third egoists think how to earn on it. As outcome everybody loosing.

Spend now, to avoid meltdown later. Everyone looks for those, who will spend for him instead of spending themselves. In the end everybody loose. Selfish and non selfish. What kind of person/country/government/politician you are?

P.S. I want to add, that not everyone behaves selfishly, there are a lot of self sacrificing people in fighting with coronavirus. But number of egoists is so big, that we see spread of coronavirus, AIDS, tuberculosis and much more other diseases. If humankind will not find a way of dealing with egoism...

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