Covid 19 Dealing


Hi everybody,

It happened. I've got COVID-19 myself. As well as my wife. Very unpleasant feelings honestly speaking. 

On the day 1 of symptoms I've got those:

a. Temperature ( ~38 )

b. Headache

c. Weakness

Now I have one more concern about my parents. I'm worried if they got or not got COVID-19. And in case if yes, I'll have one more reason to worry.

Update on 2020-07-16

As of now by being in hospital I've got some improvements in my health. Temperature become lower. But now  I got another symptom: caught with blood. So my advice for anyone who says that COVID-19 is fake is this: it is not fake, but very real disease. Don't look on it lightly.

Update on 2020-07-24

I was sent to continue dealing with Covid-19 to home. Luckily for me, treatment went fine, and I'll continue on way of recovering. 

Update on 2020-08-11

I got two negative PCR tests on Covid-19. Besides that I have also regained my working memory back. During Covid-19 my working memory was affected. In the middle of the sentence I've used to forget what I supposed to say. But for now I don't have this issue which makes me very happy as of now.

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