Export from Acumatica to Excel via export scenario

Hi everybody,

today I want to leave a note on how to export from Acumatica to Excel.

To export data to excel, you need to go to the "Data Providers" page, screen SM206015,

then create a provider, fill in such fields as Name, Provider Type (in the case of Excel, select PX.DataSync.ExcelSYProvider), after which you need to add a file for export (where we we will display the data), and add it to Files,

then go to the SCHEMA tab, and fill in the correspondence of the fields into which we will export the data, 

we can click on the FILL SCHEMA OBJECTS / FILL SCHEMA FIELDS button in order to load ready-made fields with the previously loaded tables, or write your own, pay attention, the Active checkbox must be pressed.

After all this, don't forget to save your data.



Then we go to the "Export Scenarios" page, screen SM207025,


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