Different types of manufactorings which Acumatica supports


today I want to leave a short note of these types of manufactorings:

Make to stock

Make to order

Configure to order

Engineer to order

Job shop


Batch process

1. Make to stock - a manufacturing strategy in which production planning and production scheduling are based on forecasted product demand.

2. Make to order - a business production strategy that typically allows consumers to purchase products that are customized to their specifications. It is a manufacturing process in which the production of an item begins only after a confirmed customer order is received.

3. Configure to order - (CTO) is the manufacturing process of assembling and configuring products according to customer requirements.

4. Engineer to order - (ETO) is a type of manufacturing where a product is engineered and produced after an order has been received. Using the ETO method, a manufacturer can meet the exact specifications of their customer.

5. Job shop - are typically small manufacturing systems that handle job production, that is, custom/bespoke or semi-custom/bespoke manufacturing processes such as small to medium-size customer orders or batch jobs. Job shops typically move on to different jobs (possibly with different customers) when each job is completed. 

6. Repetitive - Repetitive manufacturing (REM) is the production of goods in rapid succession. Goods that are created through repetitive manufacturing follow the same production sequences. Repetitive manufacturing often goes hand-in-hand with automated assembly processes.

7. Batch process - Batch production is a method of manufacturing where the products are made as specified groups or amounts, within a time frame.

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