The entry form cannot be automated. The view doesn't exist

Hello. Today I want to tell you about one possible issue during upgrading from for example 21R1 to 23R2 through adding pages into Custom Files in the Customization package.

After upgrading when I opened the screen which was added to Custom Files in the Customization package I faced the issue above. When I started discovering this issue I found that Acumatica could rename some of the views from version to version. And if you are using some components that are not in the Add Controls tab for screen editing better to not add this page file to Custom Files. And even if you leave this file in the package and will try to change the view name in ASPX manually it will not help you. You will face only new issues. To fix this issue, first of all update your site. Then delete these pages from Custom Files and try to add your components through editing ASPX in the package. Then press Generate Script and it would help you. After these steps you could publish customization. And i recommend you not to add pages to Custom Files to not facing such issues.


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