Proof of Work Schema

Hello everybody,

today I want to present schema of something named Proof of Work. 

There are people which better understand situation with pictures then with words. Also there is a saying one picture is worthy thousands of words.

First of all, imagine, that all blockchain is 6 computers. All of them of course connected. For example like on the picture:

Computer 5 is in another colour for a reason. Read next part and you'll get why.

Next think, imagine, that we have in blockchain 4 elements. Like this:

And of course, task. It is needed to add one more chain: blockchain5 to all of this. Here is what will happen:

  1. It's not possible just to add blockchain5 via simple copy in memory of all 6 nodes. 
  2. In order to add new chain, some computationally hard puzzle should be solved.
  3. Suppose that computer 5 solved that puzzle
  4. In that case other computers ( i.e. 1, 2, 3 ) will validate result. NB validation is not computationally intensive
  5. After 51% of computers or more agree that solution is correct then new blockchain element will be added to list
  6. Computer 5 will get a reward

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