Grid toolbar buttons in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

have you ever wondered, that SkinID property may regulate grid toolbar set of buttons? For me it was unknown untill today. Here it is list of id's and buttons according to T200:

  • Primary: Adds the Add, Delete, Fit to Screen, and Exportbuttons to the toolbar. This value is typically used for a grid on a simple edit page that consists of the single grid.
  • Details or DetailsInTab: Adds the Refresh, Add, Delete, Fit to Screen, and Export buttons to the toolbar. This value is typically used for a grid that displays the detail data on a master-detail page
  • Inquire: Adds the Refresh, Fit to Screen, and Export buttons to the toolbar. This value is typically used for grids on inquiry and processing pages
  • Selector: Adds the Refresh and Fit to Screen buttons to the toolbar
  • Attributes or ShortList: Hides the toolbar.

Now I know how to configure buttons of grid

How to make efficient usage of Neural Networks

Small note of how to use more effective of Neural Networks:

1. Use different numbers of hidden layers

2. Different numbers of units per layer

3. Different types of unit

4. Different types of strengths of weight penalty

5. Different learning algorithms

Merged and read-only modes in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today another notice. Acumatica can provide values in two modes: merged and read-only.

So, what is merged? Imagine that user worked about the form, and made some changes at grid. Will changes apper in DB? Untill will be executed Persist, not. Data will be only in cache. Some time it is useful to compare data in cache with data in db. In order to get merged data you can use PXSelectReadOnly type or PXSelectGroupBy. For merged results you can use PXSelect or PXSelectJoin.

Redirection types in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today I want to notice what kind of redirections are available in Acumatica:

  • PXRedirectRequiredException opens the specified application page in the same window or a new one. By default, the user is redirected in the same window.
  • PXPopupRedirectException opens the specified application page in a pop-up window.
  • PXReportRequiredException opens the specified report in the same window or a new one. By default, the report opens in the same window.
  • PXRedirectWithReportException opens two pages: the specified report in a new window, and the specified application page in the same window.
  • PXRedirectToUrlExceptionopens the webpage with the specified external URL in a new window.  This exception is also used for opening an inquiry page that is loaded into the same window by default.

Execute update, delete, insert in Acumatica

Welcome readers of my blog.

Have you ever wondered, what Acumatica will execute first: ExecuteDelete, ExecuteUpdate or ExecuteInsert? Today I revealed for myself following order:

1. ExecuteUpdate

2. ExecuteInsert

3. ExecuteDelete.

Order of views in Graph in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

note of today is value of orders. In the word of C# if you work with your class, you as usually don't care what you declare in your code. But in Acumatica graph order of data viewes is important, because they define order of saving data to the database. If you think that surprises are completed then here it is another one: order of viewes doesn't define order of data viewes execution. And the third one, view that is binded to PrimaryView should be defined first in the graph. 

Enabling Reusable Grid Filters

Hello everybody,

today I want to note reusable grid filters. Acumatica has interesting dialog window, wich is named Filter Settings in which user can define and save custom fitlers and then use them every time this user opens the page. They are recommended for usage at inquiry and processing pages, so users can customize these pages to show specific data that is most relevant to their needes and responsibilities. If you wonder how to convert ordinary view to filterable view here is the way: PXFilterable attribute.

public PXSelectReadonly<AnticipatedPayrollDetail> AnticipatedPayrollDetails;

I applied it to my page, and here is example of what I got:

So, in case if you need to add filtering option to your screen, attribute PXFilterable is your friend.

Order columns in Grid in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

Today I want to share with you interesting trick of how to order data in grid by default. The simplest way is to organize IsKey = true value. If you do this, then Acumatica will add Order by clause for each key field of the DAC.

Acumatica predefined width values


I want to share predefined options for the ColumnWidth property:


• XXS(100px)

• XS(150px)

• S(200px)

• M(250px)

• XM(300px)

• L(350px)

• XL(400px)

• XXL(450px)