Override PXLongOperation Messages

Friends, today I want to share with you how we can change the default 'The operation has completed.' or other messages after PXLongOperation has been executed.

The first button will execute the standard logic

The second button will show a custom "Info".

The third button will show a custom "Warning":

The fourth button will show a custom "Error":


How To Use PXLongoperation


Today I want to write a few words on usage of PXLongOperation. 

Compare two following scenarios:

                PXLongOperation.StartOperation(Base,  ()=>
                    //Some other code


with this:

var doc = Base.Document.Current;
var orderType = doc.OrderType;
var orderNbr = doc.OrderNbr;
    PXLongOperation.StartOperation(Base,  ()=>
        var grp = PXGraph.CreateInstance<SOOrderEntry>();
        grp.Document.Current = grp.Document.Search<SOOrder.orderNbr>(orderNbr, orderType);

and tell me what will be the difference in execution of those two types of code?

I spent pretty big amount of time wondering why in Acumatica source code I often seen scenario #2. Reason why I was puzzled is that I don't like to create instance of something, if I can use some variable that exists already. 

And finally I've discovered reason on why scenario #2 is preferable. After our team spent some time on digging on the following use case scenario. We've used scenario #1 and QA gave us very interesting bug: some buttons on UI level got disabled after execution of #1 scenario. The only way to enable them in scenario #1 was just to call refresh of the page:

throw new PXRedirectRequiredException(Base, false"Sales Orders");

which is not the worst in life of end user, but definetly not the most convenient. How to avoid total refresh of the screen? Use scenario #2. 

Another important aspec of scenario #2 is usage of variables. Take note, that inside of PXLongOperation I don't use Base.Document.Current.OrderType. Instead I use local variables doc, orderType and orderNbr which is then used at async thread. 


Starting from today I plan to use #2 whenever I will deal with multithreading scenarions. Otherwise some UI problems will become some kind of guarantee.