Merged and read-only modes in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today another notice. Acumatica can provide values in two modes: merged and read-only.

So, what is merged? Imagine that user worked about the form, and made some changes at grid. Will changes apper in DB? Untill will be executed Persist, not. Data will be only in cache. Some time it is useful to compare data in cache with data in db. In order to get merged data you can use PXSelectReadOnly type or PXSelectGroupBy. For merged results you can use PXSelect or PXSelectJoin.

PXSelect vs PXSelectReadonly

Hello everybody,

today I want to share with you important difference between PXSelect  and PXSelectReadonly.

In my project I had the following situation. PXSelect of table name didn't give me what actually was in db. After a long research I found PXSelectReadonly and key difference is that PXSelectReadonly reads directly from db without usage of Acumatica Cache.