Predefined Size Values in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a post on Predefined size values for ColumnWidht, LabelsWidth, ControlSize properties of the PXLayoutRule component and LablesWidth and Size properties of a control:

Value ColumnWidth in Pixels LabelsWidth and ControlSize of a Layout Rule; LabelsWidth and Size Properties of a Control in Pixels
XXS 100px 40px
XS 150px 70px
S 200px 100px
SM - 150px
M 250px 200px
XM 300px 250px
L 350px 300px
XL 400px 350px
XXL 450px 400px

As you can see from presented table XL is not always the same XL, and it depends from the context

How to make grid to locate all available space

Hello everybody,

toda I want to document one simple how-to issue. Recently I've spent some time in figuring how to make grid to locate all available space.

Below goes how to make it:

<AutoSize Container="Window" Enabled="True" MinHeight="400" />

You can add it somewhere before end of px:PXGrid tag. For example like this:

      <AutoSize Container="Window" Enabled="True" MinHeight="400" />

Acumatica predefined width values


I want to share predefined options for the ColumnWidth property:


• XXS(100px)

• XS(150px)

• S(200px)

• M(250px)

• XM(300px)

• L(350px)

• XL(400px)

• XXL(450px)