Purpose Of Rowpersisting Event


Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a note on usage of RowPersisting event.

Quite often I see situations, when RowPersisting is used for making additional insertions to database. Also quite often I see cases when some additional inserts being performed to database. 

I want to warn against such an approach. Reason for that is that during RowPersisting event, Acumatica opens transaction scope. Because of that, additional readings from db, or additional persists to db in scope of RowPersisting may lead to performance degradation and even deadlocks. 

Purpose of RowPersisting event is kind of latest resort, in which you can modify your record before putting it to database. And it shouldn't be used for some other purposes. Other purposes of RowPersisting event is validate record before it was putted to database, or cancel commit operation through throwing of an exception.







How To Get User Friendly Error Message Out Of Webexception


Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a short notice on how to get user friendly text of WebException. Imagine that you need to know which part of data in your json is missing. How can you quickly figure out which part? For one of my projects I wanted to get easy way of saying user which field is potentially missing. In order to achieve that I've used following fragment:

catch (WebException ex)
  string errorMessage = string.Empty;
  if (ex.Response != null)
      using (var errorResponse = (HttpWebResponseex.Response)
          using (var reader = new StreamReader(errorResponse.GetResponseStream()))
              errorMessage = reader.ReadToEnd();

After that I've just used to throw exception with adding additional details over Data property of Exception class.



How To Catch All Mysql Queries Generated By Acumatica


Hello everybody,

finally I found out how to catch all queries to MySQL server, generated by Acumatica. Well, in context of My SQL as usually people work more with MYOB, but under the hood MYOB is Acumatica.

Typical schema of Acumatica <-> MySQL connection looks like this:

In order to get generated MySQL queries, you may need some proxy service, which will intercept queries. You can use MySQL proxy, but instead of MySQL proxy I suggest to use Neor Profile SQL as it has much more convenient UI:


In order to achieve such catching of all My SQL queries, you'll need following steps:

  1. Install Neor Profile SQL.
  2. In your Acumatica web.config make following change:
    <remove name="ProjectX_MySql" />
    <remove name="ProjectX" />
    <add name="ProjectX" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" connectionString="Server=localhost;Port=4040;Database=PXProjecti

pay especial attention to this part: Port=4040

3. Next goes configuration of Neor Profile SQL. Create connection to MySQL server in a way similar to what you see on screenshot:

4. You are all set. Now Acumatica will send SQL queries to Neor Profile SQL, while Neor Profile SQL will re-translate them to My SQL:


If you need to catch generated My SQL queries, you can go with My SQL query proxy and logging all files to file. Or with help of Neor Profile SQL you may get nice tool for tracking all generated queries. 

And also with such steps you can track everything that MYOB generated!