Fix at least one column in the Selected area and controlling set of selected columns in Acumatica

Hello everybody,

today  I want to share tricks related to Acumatica grids:

1.       How to fix at least one column in the Selected area so users will not be able to move it to the Available? All our custom pages have grids which can be moved.

------ You need to utilize PXGridColumn’s  AllowShowHide property set to False for not allowing user to hide for at least key column/s.

2.       How to control the default set of Selected columns for the grid so only the particular columns will be shown in the grid by default, and the rest of columns can be added by the user if necessary?

------- Grid Columns created for DAC fields marked not visible will be shown as Available column


Practical value of such fixing is that user can remove all columns, and if he does so, then grid disappear, and you'll need to dig in db in order to resurect grid on page. 

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