How to speed up database of Acumatica with RAID-10

Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a note regarding performance of database of Acumatica. Once I had request of possible speeding up of operations with DB.

The most practical advice which you will hear will be put log files on one SSD drive, and mdf file on another SSD drive.

But what to do, if that is not enough? What are other ways of speeding up DB in itself.

As the answer I'd suggest to consider RAID-10 technology.

Below goes simplest explanation of RAID-10 explanation and how it works:

This picture says following:

File MyFileN1.txt will be stored in four hard drives. Two times on RAID-1 array and two times on RAID-1 array, and splitting of it will be done through RAID-0 controller. Suppose that you'll need to apped 10 bytes to MyFileN1.txt. In that case

first 5 bytes will be posted to first RAID-1 drives, and another 5 bytes will be posted to another set RAID-1 drives. In that case 10 bytes will be written with duration of writing of 5 bytes, or 50% faster ( well, actually a bit longer due to latency in

RAID-0 and RAID-1 controller) but still faster then just two different ssd drives.

Another benefit of RAID-10 is added layer of reliability. 

Suppose that some of HDD each of your RAID-10 arrays got broken like this:

in that case you even don't feel it on your db level, it will still continue to function. Just some red button will blink on RAID-10 array notifiying you that HDD1 of RAID-1 array needs to be replaced and HDD0 of RAID-1 array also needs replacement.


In case if you need speed up Acumatica database, consider RAID-0. If you want to have redundancy for your database, consider RAID-0 array. If you want speed up and redundancy, consider RAID-10. If you want further speedup/redundancy on hardware level, 

consider 4 elements in RAID-0 instead of two. For additional reliability and speed up consider adding integrated caches with Battery Backup Unit, which will skyrocket Acumatica db as well as performance. And also your expenses. 

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