Updating Acumatica to newer version of Acumatica

Hello everybody,

toda I want to share some small notice about what options do you have during updating of Acumatica.

So. Imagine you make update from version 4.2 to version 5.1 and suddenly you have this error message:

Text of error message says, that you have some problems at your db. And you have three options:

1. Abort

2. Retry

3. Ignore.


Initially when I made update I was very scared of that error message and as usually selected Abort, but prior to it copy/pasted error message. It's not very wrong idea, but to execute updater after each error message is little bit slover process. Then I put my attention at another button. Retry. I know it sounds funny, that after some numbers of updates, I noticed that button. But I really liked it. Retry button gives me option during Update to fix troubles in DB, and continue updating process without need of pressing abort, or ignore the problem. Another useful feature is to take into account inner messages, call stack and even script. Those features can help to solve some additional problems, or give more food for mind about which part of db may contain data, which you can't use.

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