Hello everybody,

today I want to leave a note about one of mine customers. And you know, as soon as I've started to write this post I've caught myself that I can't name one person for whom I provide services for money with word customer. Please continue reading and you'll grasp what I mean. 

Have you ever wonder how it could happen that Steve Jobs, guy that is not a designer, not UI-UX designer could orchestrate development of such cool devices? I always dreamed to meet such a person in life, not just read about them in wikipedia, or to read their books. And I can say that recently I've meet such a person. 

Everything started from project that he asked me to create. And of course, I'm always or almost always ready to work with somebody, who has burning eyes and believes in his idea. I mean I not always work with somebody who just has money but don't believe or don't like his own business idea. Why not? Because plenty of business ideas are tempted to crash. That is reality. Plenty of great ideas were crashed because some of them were to early on market. Some of them crashed because they were to late on the market. Or to early. 

So I've meet with that guy, and we started our cooperation. When project become closer to it's completion mine customer asked me questions, that for majority of programmers mind can be hardly to grasp. For example: does this web site has feeling that it's like new, just finished building. Like you see that building is ready, doors are looking good, windows are looking nice, but some elements give you feeling that it just was finished recently. Have you ever faced such a question as a developer? Me personally not. That customer continued. Take a look at mine watch. I bought it because I like how it look like. How lines are made, how clear time is showing up. It doesn't have any fancy night illumination or any other stylish staff. I took a look. And to be honest I couldn't share his enjoyment of this clock. Then customer continued and said, how do you think, how much does it cost? I expressed guess like 80$. I was wrong. That watch costs 2000$!!! 

Next few evenings I've decided to spent on watches shops in order to find the difference between different clocks. I should admit, I still far away from Steve Jobs. 

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