How to add GI to side panel and Pivot table to side panel

Hello everybody,

Today a want to share with you approach how to add GI to Side Panel, add Pivot Table to Side Panel, and how current row (current field value) of screen bounds with filter of GI and PT.

Also, I will show how to add all custom features with GI and PT to customization package.

As example, we will add side panel to Customers screen and add two actions, first - custom GI report about sales, second – pivot table with information about Sales Order that connected to current customer on screen.

  1. First, we create custom GI report with joins of tables, result grid with columns that we need for pivot table.

Pivot tables in Acumatica are created and based on GI. All columns in ResultGrid tab will able in pivot table.


Add Parameter and Conditions for it.

Click button “VIEW INQUIRY” and check how works result and filter:

Create and setup pivot table as we need:

Click “Save as Pivot”, enter name of pivot table, select check box “Shared Configuration”

Then Acumatica show additional tab with Pivot Table as on screen-shot

Setup Rows, Columns and Values for pivot table, then unclick “Edit pivot table” button  

Pivot table will look as on screen-shot. Also you can drag and drop field between Rows, Columns and Values on pivot table result as you need:

Add side panel to Customer screen (AR303000).

First create new customization package and add AR303000 screen to it.

Save new action in customization and publish customization. Check work side panel with GI on Customers screen:

Add Pivot table to side panel.

Acumatica hides tab of GI with pivot table on side panel and we can see only GI report grid on side panel.

But it is opportunity in Acumatica to add pivot table to side panel using dashboard.

Also we will setup dashboard filter and pipeline it with current customer and pivot table.

  • Create custom dashboard and add parameters as on screen-shot:

Click “VIEW” and setup layout of dashboard

Add pivot table to dashboard: select our custom GI report and Pivot Table (required fields):

Click “FILTER SETTINGS”, add a new and setup it:

Click “FINISH” and exit from DESING mode of dashboard.

Add dashboard with pivot table to side panel.

Open customization package, add new action with side panel type to Customer screen. Select our dashboard ass Destination Screen, also setup Navigation Parameters:

Click OK and Publish customization.

Check how works side panel with Pivot Table. Click “Next” on screen and check how pivot table changes data, depends from current customer:


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