Setting Up An Angular 2 Application


Hello everybody,

today I want to make note about setting up Angular 2 application initial configuration. So, if you need to set up everything for Angular 2 application manually, then following steps will be needed ( according to ):

  1. Create application folder
  2. Create tsconfig.json file
  3. create package.json file
  4. create typings.json file
  5. install libraries and typings
  6. create host web page ( as usually index.html )
  7. create maint.s file 

When I first time read those requirements, I've become intimidated. And as every energy saving person I wanted to know, is it possible to get some tool, that set up Angular 2 app instead of me. And the simplest way will be the following: download result of those steps from Quick start section ( don't tell anybody that you got it from there ) .

Another alternative is tools like AngularCli. AngularCli is command line tool that allows to generate files that needed for Angular2 application. 

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